Flashback Friday-The Other Sister (1999)

A good parent wants the best for his or her child. While that parenting maybe a little overzealous, it comes from a place of love and concern.

In the 1999 film, The Other Sister, Carla (Juliette Lewis) is a young woman living with developmental disabilities. Her mother, Elizabeth (Diane Keaton) wants the best for her daughter, but her concerns and affection sometimes borders on helicopter parenting. When Carla meets Danny (Giovanni Ribisi), a young man with similar developmental disabilities, she starts to want a normal, independent life that she sees other women her age living. While Elizabeth is concerned that her daughter is unprepared to become an independent adult, Carla has other ideas about her future.

The thing that strikes me about this movie is that at some point, we all want to be independent. At the same time, most parents are still struggling with the idea that their child is no longer a child. That quality and that relationship is seen every day, around the world between parents and their children. What I like about this movie is that despite her challenges, Carla is determined to make a life of her own choosing. We all face challenges in our lives, it’s just a matter of whether we take the challenges head on or we let them stop us.

In choosing to not let her disabilities stop her from living a full life, Carla proves that no challenge is insurmountable, if we are willing to take it on.

I recommend it.

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