Churchill’s Secret Movie Review

We all age, that is a fact. Youth is fleeting, only time and the quick passage of time is constant.

In the TV movie Churchill’s Secret (based on the book of the same name), Winston Churchill (Michael Gambon) is not a young man anymore. It is the summer of 1953 and he has just had a stroke. Concerned for her husband’s health, Clemmie Churchill (Lindsay Duncan) insists on taking her husband back to the family home to recover.

Nurse Millie Appleyard (Romola Garai) has been brought in to take care of Winston and help him to return to health. While he is recovering, his children bicker and the world is kept in the dark about his condition.

Will this lion of Britain recover or will history be forever changed?

Churchill’s Secret aired on PBS last night. I wish it would have been longer. Michael Gambon and Romola Garai have incredible chemistry (as they did in Emma back in 2009).But my favorite performance was Lindsay Duncan’s. Somewhere in between fierce loyalty and love for her husband and her frustration at still being second to work was Lindsay Duncan’s portrayal of Lady Churchill.

My favorite aspect of this movie was the strength of the women. In an era when women were being pushed to settle down and have a family, Millie defines her life by her own choices and her career, not decisions, especially about marriage that others are making for her. Equally fierce is Clemmie, who despite the lack of opportunities that existed in her generation, is just as strong minded and opinionated as her husband.

I recommend it.

Today I Re-Read Northanger Abbey

Today I re-read Northanger Abbey.

I re-read it because I had Jane on the brain (as I frequently do).

I re-read it because I needed to be reminded that it is ok to be a bookworm.

I re-read it to get out of my life for a little bit and into someone else’s life.

I re-read it to remind myself that what is on the page is not always reality.

I re-read it for my younger self, the bookworm that I was.

I re-read it because sometimes we need to read a novel that is slightly trashy or is set in a reality that is far from ours.

Today I re-read Northanger Abbey.

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