Flashback Friday- Splash (1984)

The crux of any good narrative is as follows: What does the main character want and what obstacles are in their way? In the romance genre, the crux of the genre focused narrative is the question of will the couple get together and what obstacles are preventing them from being together?

In the 1984 film, Splash, Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks) has a full heart, but no one to share it with. As a boy, he nearly drowned in Cape Cod. Years later as an adult, Allen is not sure who or what saved him. Returning to Cape Cod, he nearly drowns again, but is saved by a mermaid who names herself Madison (Daryl Hannah). After returning home to New York from Cape Cod, Allen is surprised to see Madison on his doorstep and eagerly falls in love. But Madison has a secret. If her legs get wet, her legs turn back into a tail. Can Allen and Madison keep this relationship going or will her secret get out and ruin a good thing?

I find this movie to be interesting. Staying firmly within the sub-genre of inter-species romance while using the normal narrative parameters of a romantic comedy, this film asks the audience to believe that love is possible, even when the object of your affection is not human.

I recommend it.

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