Throwback Thursday-Blank Check (1994)

The idea of a blank check is an interesting one. But it can also lead to a few problems.

In the 1994 movie, Blank Check, Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) receives a most unexpected gift: a blank check. While it appears that the amount of money written on the check opens doors that only a 12-year-old can dream of, the money also draws the attention the gangsters who are looking for the money.

Let’s call this movie for what it is: a tween movie from the early 90’s. While there are some movies that transcend the era that they were made in, this film is stuck in 1994. Looking back as the target audience for the film at the time of its initial release, I remember it to be funny and mildly entertaining. But now as an adult, I can see the flaws in the film.

Do I recommend it? I will answer the question this way. If I was still 12, then yes I would recommend it. As a 30 something adult, I would not.


Throwback Thursday-Bright Star (2009)

Every artist has their muse. For the poet John Keats, it was the love of his short life, Fanny Brawne.

The 2009 film Bright Star is the story of the short, but passionate relationship between John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish). Fanny is seen as a pretentious flirt who flouts the current fashion by making her own clothes and speaks of subjects that she knows nothing about. John is trying to build up a writing career, but is insecure in his abilities. A mild flirtation is the start of this relationship, but John’s good friend Mr. Brown (Paul Schneider) will do almost anything to keep this couple apart. But fate has other plans….

This movie squarely lands in the romantic drama category. As one of the greatest poets of his era and our era, this movie radiates with the poetry of its subject and the sad fact that John Keats died that the young of 25, not knowing that his work would live long beyond his short years on Earth.

I recommend it. I also recommend that a box of kleenex is nearby. It’s one of those movies.

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