Throwback Thursday-Blank Check (1994)

The idea of a blank check is an interesting one. But it can also lead to a few problems.

In the 1994 movie, Blank Check, Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) receives a most unexpected gift: a blank check. While it appears that the amount of money written on the check opens doors that only a 12-year-old can dream of, the money also draws the attention the gangsters who are looking for the money.

Let’s call this movie for what it is: a tween movie from the early 90’s. While there are some movies that transcend the era that they were made in, this film is stuck in 1994. Looking back as the target audience for the film at the time of its initial release, I remember it to be funny and mildly entertaining. But now as an adult, I can see the flaws in the film.

Do I recommend it? I will answer the question this way. If I was still 12, then yes I would recommend it. As a 30 something adult, I would not.

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