Throwback Thursday-Clerks (1994)

Sometimes the best movies are the simplest ones. A camera, an intriguing narrative and fully formed characters are all that is needed for a film to be labelled a success.

In 1994, soon to be famous (and respected) director Kevin Smith released his feature film debut, Clerks. Dante (Brian O’Halloran) works at a convenience store and is not happy about working on his day off. He feels like his life is going nowhere fast. His ex is getting married and his current girlfriend has more experience in the bedroom than he does. His friend Randal (Jeff Anderson) works next door at the local video store. They spend the film commiserating about their lives and finding ways to make the day go faster.

This film made the career of Kevin Smith. It proves that over the top special effects, a contrived narrative and 2D characters are not always a guarantee of a film’s success. It is a story that pulls the audience in and characters that are human and normal that speak to an audience and fill in seats at the theater.

I recommend it.

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