Flashback Friday-Raising Helen (2004)

Life is not without its curve balls. One minute we think we know where our life is going and then it changes in an instant.

In the 2004 film, Raising Helen, Helen Harris (Kate Hudson) is living it up as a single woman. Her descent up the career ladder is swift and her social life is full. Then she receives a phone call that forever changes her life. Her sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car accident. Helen is now the guardian of her sister’s children. While it appears that stepping into her sister’s shoes will be a piece of cake, Helen will soon learn that it is not easy to raise children, especially as a single parent. With the support of Dan Parker (John Corbett), Helen will have to make some decisions and some adjustments.

As a film, it’s merely ok. A fish out of water tale has the potential to be interesting. But this film borders on mediocre and predictable.

Do I recommend it? I’m learning toward no.

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