Timeless Review

The possibility of time travel has fascinated human being for generations. The science fiction genre has carved out a niche just for this very specific narrative.

In the new series, Timeless, Garcia Flynn (Goran Visjnic) has stolen a time machine. It is up to Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) to find Flynn, return the stolen time machine to its rightful owner and prevent history from changed forever.

I find this show to be fascinating, as both a history nerd and a fan of arresting, entertaining drama. This show is it. Part history lesson, part science fiction and part action film, this hybrid blend is unique and stands out among the new shows that made their debut this season.

I am already a fan and I absolutely recommend it.

Timeless airs Monday night at 10PM on NBC.


Throwback Thursday-Because I Said So (2007)

There is no more contentious or loving relationship than there is between a mother and a daughter. The mother wishes to impart the wisdom she has learned over a lifetime while her daughter is eager to go her own way, regardless of what her mother thinks.

In the 2007 movie, Because I Said So, Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) has three daughters. Maggie (Lauren Graham) and Mae (Piper Perabo) are both married. That leaves Milly (Mandy Moore) as the last daughter without a ring on her finger. Overanxious and maybe a little helicopter parent-ish, Daphne turns to the internet to find Milly a boyfriend. Enter Johnny (Gabriel Macht) and Jason (Tom Everett Scott). Will Milly’s love live ever satisfy her mother and will Daphne’s daughter have a chance of convincing their mother to back down, if only for a little bit?

I like this movie. I like this movie because while there are the usual romantic elements that make up a romantic comedy, the focus is the complicated and sometimes difficult relationships between Daphne and her daughters. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I saw a little bit of my mother in Daphne, which was a little too close for comfort at points.

I recommend it.

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones…..

There is an old rhyme from childhood that many of us are familiar with.

Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Earlier this week was the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. I don’t go to temple very often, but it is important to go on Rosh Hashanah. One of the Rabbi’s sermon’s was about words, how we use them and the power they have over us.

Most physical wounds can heal. But emotional wounds that come from hurtful words have the potential to last a lifetime.

One of the points the Rabbi brought up was the negative words we use when we are feeling depressed or we feel angry or we feel uncertain. When living with mental illness, especially depression, the access that a depressed person has to negative words is astounding. At the drop of a hat, we can beat ourselves emotionally, let the bitter voices in our head knock us around or even worse, let the negative words keep us from living a full life.

Looking from the outside in, its easy to say that we should stop talking about ourselves in the negative. We are not alone, we are not stupid, we are not any of the things that the voices in our head tell us we are. But the problem is that it is easier said than done.

Words do hurt and words can kill. They have more power than any physical weapon a human being can create.

I wish would all remember that.

Happy Thursday.

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