The Spice Box Letters Book Review

Sometimes, when we have faced a traumatic event in our life, it is easier to just move on rather than face and relive what happened to us.

In the new novel, The Spice Box Letters, by Eve Makis, Katerina’s life is forever changed by the death of her beloved grandmother, Mariam. A survivor of the Armenian Genocide, Mariam taught her granddaughter about the food and the culture of Armenia. What Mariam did not share was her past.

After Mariam passes away, Katerina receives her grandmother’s journal and a series of letters stored in a spice box as an inheritance. Her curiosity about her grandmother’s past is peaked during a vacation in Cyprus. Her journey will lead her back to the past and to finally answer the question of what happened to Mariam, her brother Gabriel and the rest of her family.

To be honest, I am torn about this book. While the narrative was heart wrenching and engaging, I found several grammar errors and I was put off by the jumping in between character’s point of views.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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