Soon By You

In the old days, finding a spouse was a simple process. These days, it’s not so simple, especially when we marry for love as opposed to status or income.

In the YouTube series Soon By You, David (Danny Hoffman) is a Rabbi in New York City going out on a blind date with Sarah. He hits it nearly immediately with Sarah Feldman (Sara Scur). But she is not the Sarah he is going out with. His date is with Sarah Jacobs (Leah Gottfried), who is sitting right behind them. Sarah Feldman is on a blind date with Ben (Nathan Shapiro).

I find this series to be charming. It has the qualities of a typical romantic comedy: the hopefully meant to be couple who meet via the memorable meet cute, the daters or current partners who are plot points and are clearly not meant to last and the wacky or out there best friend in the forms of hippie-ish Z (Noam Harary) and the civic-minded Noa (Jessica Schechter).

Set it New York City and populated with modern Orthodox Jewish characters, this series has the qualities of a standard rom-com. But it is funny, adorable and entertaining. The series is only three episodes in and I am already a fan.

I recommend it.

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