The Last Woman Standing Book Review 

Love is a risk. The person could either be a dream come true or a nightmare come to life.

In Thelma Adams’s new book, The Last Woman Standing,  Josephine Marcus is the young daughter of a respectable Jewish family from San Francisco. Like  many a lovestruck teenager, she foolishly follows her heart. Johnny Behan is a respected law man from Arizona.

She expects to live happily ever after with Johnny. But Johnny is not what he seems to be. Then Wyatt Earp steps into her life.

I will be honest. I had a bad feeling when I started reading it. The feeling did not dissipate. The concept is interesting but the book is not good.

Do I recommend it? No.

Charlotte Brontë: An Independent Will Exhibit 

As a writer and a reader, Charlotte Bronte is one of my idols.In her time, her life was small and unremarkable. In our time, she is a giant, worthy of our respect and admiration.

The Morgan Library And Museum’s newest exhibit, Charlotte Bronte: An Independent Will, is all about Charlotte Bronte, her family, her writing and her life.

I loved this exhibit. It’s small, but as a Bronte fan, it’s electrifying. From the dress borrowed from the UK to the Bronte juvenalia written in tiny books I was thrilled to be in the presence of greatness.

I recommend it.

Charlotte Bronte: An Independent Will is at The Morgan Library And Museum until January 2nd, 2017.

Did You Vote?

I had a conversation with one of my colleagues that made me think.

The 2016 Presidential election has, whether we like it or not, changed this country. This colleague I had this conversation with is on the other end of the political spectrum.

The conversation came down to one question: Did you vote?

This conversation sums up the election. The fact that we voted is what matters. We voted. We chose our next President. Let the chips fall where they may.

The Judgement Book Review 

Power, or the lack of it can sometimes send us in directions that we might not have taken otherwise. Especially when you are a woman living in a culture that sees you as chattel.

In the new book The Judgement by D.J. Niko,Nicaule is the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Though she loves one man, she is given in marriage to King Solomon, the new young King of Israel. It is love at first sight for Solomon. Blind to many things, including his wife’s anger, she will be one of the factors that tarnishes what once was a brilliant future.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. The concept of the narrative drew me in. Unfortunately my enthusiasm ended there. I finished the book, but it was not easy to finish.

Do I recommend it? No.

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