Flashback Friday-Ordinary People (1980)

Family is love and warmth and everything we go to when we need them. But it is also complicated and fraught with problems.

In the 1980 film Ordinary People, Calvin and Beth (Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore) are a middle-aged affluent couple whose eldest son committed suicide. Their surviving son, Conrad (Timothy Hutton) is trying to deal with the aftermath of his brother’s death. They appear to be healing, but upon closer look, the stress and strain of their loss is beginning to tear this family apart.

I was introduced to this film by a member of my writing group to see how a writer can properly write about the emotional strain within a family. The recommendation was on point. This movie grabs the audience member by the proverbial balls and does not let go until the screen goes dark. The thing that strikes me about this film is how real it feels. It is the story of a real family dealing with a loss and how it can not only tear apart a marriage, but also break a bond between a mother and her son.

I absolutely recommend it.


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