Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas

May you live to be 120.

It is a blessing in Judaism that all of us should live to see old age.

Kirk Douglas will reach an age on Friday that few of us will ever see. He will be 100.

He was given the name of  Issur Danielovitch at birth. The son of poor Jewish immigrants,  he fought for his country in World War II. After the war, the changed his name to Kirk Douglas and become one of the icons of the golden age of Hollywood.

Known as a man’s man, Kirk Douglas is remembered for playing masculine characters who the epitome of strength and courage.

His most famous role is the Roman sword and sandal epic Spartacus.

Though he moved away from Judaism decades ago, Kirk Douglas re-embraced his faith and was re-barmitzvahed in 1999 at the age of 83.

For any number reasons, some people are destined to die young. Kirk Douglas is not one of those people. We should all be so lucky to see our 100th birthday.

Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas. May you actually live to see your 120th birthday.

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