RIP Alan Thicke

Every generation has their TV dads. The ones we only see once a week for thirty minutes. They aren’t our fathers, but they still have an impact on us.

For the generation coming of age in the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s, Alan Thicke was one of those dads. He was felled today by a heart attack. He was 69.

For 7 years, Thicke played Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains. The Seavers have a busy household. Jason and his journalist wife, Maggie (Joanna Kerns) have four rambunctious children and a very busy life. But something kept them together, despite the whirlwind that was going on around them.

Growing Pains, in one sense, was a typical situation comedy revolving around a family. But on the other hand, it reflected the changing times in America. Jason was a hands on dad who, like many good fathers, was only trying to do what was best for his family.

RIP Alan Thicke.


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