My Favorite Feminist Videos Of 2016

If I can say nothing else, I can say 2016 was a reminderof why feminism is still needed.

The first is a reboot of the classic Christmas song, Baby It’s Cold Outside. While it is a recognized Christmas song, it is a song about a non-consensual sexual encounter between a man and a woman. Granted, it was released in 1944, but is still bothersome.

Thankfully, two performers decided to update the song while removing the innuendo about the non-consensual sexual encounter. This is a song I can appreciate.

The other song was released last week. A spoof of the song How Lovely To Be A Woman from the musical Bye Bye Birdie, it perfectly illustrates how far we have not come in 2016.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am ready for 2017.


RIP George Michael

2016 has been one hec of a year. After the loss of so many respected artists, many of us has hoped that we would enjoy our Christmas/Hanukkah celebrations and not think about the ones who were not here to celebrate with us. But death had one more ace up its sleeve.

George Michael passed away yesterday.

He was an multi-genre artist who touched generations of fans. In the 1980’s, he and band-mate Andrew Ridgeley known as Wham! a Britpop band known for their top 40 pop hit, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Later in the 1980’s and early in the 1990’s, George Michael stepped away from the lighter music to release songs that represented who he was an artist and a human being, in response to the superficial marketed image that had been used in the past.

Outed as a gay man in 1998 after being accused for conducting a lewd act in California, George became a gay icon for those both in and out of the closet.

While his physical body is gone, his music and his legacy will live on.

George Michael was 53. RIP.

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