The World of Poldark Book Review

In 2015, a new television series premiered. Poldark was the reboot of the phenomenon that was the 1970’s series based on the books by Winston Graham.

The reboot in turn has become its own phenomenon. In the wake of the reboot’s success, The World Of Poldark was published. Written by Emma Marriott, the book contains pictures, interviews, research materials from the 1780’s that the production team used and a look behind the scenes,the book gives the viewer an inside look into the making of the series.

This book is a wonderful addition to any fan’s library. It contains everything that a fan would want in a backstage pass to the making of Poldark.

I recommend it.


The Shooting At The Ft. Lauderdale Airport & The Cry For Help

Another week, another shooting. More innocent lives lost.

Yesterday, a gunman walked into the baggage area at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and starting shooting innocent passengers. By the time he stopped shooting, five people were dead and eight people were injured.

The man accused of the massacre is Esteban Santiago, a former member of the National Guard who had recently become a father for the first time. According to reports from the press and family members that have been interviewed since yesterday’s shooting, Mr. Esteban suffered from mental health issues.

Aside from the issues of lax gun laws and the fact that the TSA seems not to make changes until a tragedy happens, the major issue that seems to have contributed to the unnecessary loss of life is the mental health of the shooter.

Mental illness is not a joke. Millions of people, not just in the United States, but around the world, suffer from various forms of mental illness. Under the best of circumstances, those living with mental health issues attempt to live a normal life. Under the worst of circumstances, not only is the life of the sufferer taken, but he or she may kill someone else in the process.

The fact is that we need to take the issue seriously and we need to ensure that those suffering from mental illness receives the treatment they need. That treatment maybe the only thing that saves lives.

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