Today I Marched


Today I marched in solidarity with 300,000 other New Yorkers to send a message to the new administration in Washington DC.

It was glorious. Women and men of all faiths, nationalities and backgrounds came together to make the voices heard. We are the people and we will not let this administration drag us back to the dark ages.

It reminded me of the power of the voice of the ordinary citizen. It also reminded me that it took Donald Trump to be elected to light the fire under the behinds of Americans who normally stay silent.

This is our mission for the next four years: to remind our government who is in charge. I heard today a statement that summed up the rally: the constitution start with we, the people, not I, the President.

I have a feeling that this is not the first, nor will this be the last rally that I will be attending over the next four years.


Why I March

Today I will be joining millions of people around the world to send a message to Donald Trump.

He claims that he will be making America great again. There are many (myself included) of us who beg to differ.

Though his term is not even a day old, he has already proposed major cuts to different departments within the government. One of the departments he is proposing major cuts to is the The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

No, no and no.

The arts is the backbone of our country. Music, art, dancing, drawing, theater, etc not only keep this country together, but keep us moving forward. When hate and prejudice tear us apartment, a mutual appreciation for art brings us together. It expands our world and broadens our children’s education. There are millions of Americans who derive their livelihood from the arts. When we de-value the arts, we lose a part of our collective souls.

Another reason I will be marching is Betsy DeVos. Trump’s nominee for Secretary Of Education, to be Frank, is scaring me.

This woman has no experience in the field of public education as either a student, educator or parent. Her children were among the lucky few who did not graduate from college with thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt hanging over their heads. She has no business running this country’s public school system and I fear for future generations if this women is confirmed as Secretary Of Education.

These are two of the many reasons I will be marching today. See you on the picket line.

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