Carrie Fisher Was There


When we lost Carrie Fisher in December, we lost more than an actress and a writer. We lost an icon. We lost a hero. We lost a woman who, both on and off-screen, was not afraid to step forward and call out the bullsh*t in the world.

Yesterday, the image above became an icon not just for the modern feminist movement, but for the millions of women who marched around the world who made their voices heard.

I can’t help but think that if she survived, she would have been there. She would have been there marching with us, calling out Donald Trump on his bullsh*t and reminding him who is in charge.

But she is not and it is in her memory that we must continue to fight for our hard-won freedoms. A woman’s place is not in the home, it is in the resistance.

RIP Carrie. Your memory is a blessing to us all.

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