Flashback Friday-Out To Sea (1997)

There is something comforting and familiar about seeing the same actors pairing up again and again on-screen. But, the question begs, will the movie hold up to the reputation of its lead actors?

In the 1997 movie, Out To Sea, Charlie Gordon (Walther Matthau), a failed gambler, convinces his late sister’s widower, Herb Sullivan (Jack Lemmon) to join him on an all expenses paid cruise. The goal is to catch the eye of a lonely and wealthy widow. The only problem in this plan is that Charlie and Herb are not on vacation, they are working as dance hosts. But the cruise director, Gil Godwyn (Brent Spiner) is onto them. Will the plan work or will Herb and Charlie be well, out to sea?

I have mixed feelings about this film. While it relies heavily on the old Odd Couple jokes, I feel like it was the same jokes and the same narrative as we’ve seen before with this pairing. How many times can Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon play a version of Oscar and Felix? While it’s funny, it’s not as good as their previous on-screen pairings. Do I recommend it?


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