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Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

Imagine if you will, a slice of literary paradise amid the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Imagine a bookstore filled to the brim with books, from floor to ceiling. Imagine the inviting aroma of fresh coffee, the smell that only a book has and the feeling that the money being spent goes to help the less fortunate.

This is Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.

Located at 126 Crosby Street in Soho, Housing Works Bookstore is a bookworm’s dream come true. Not only does it contain books on every subject, but there are tables to sit at, to relax, have a drink, to work, to chill, to meet your friends or just take a breather from the world for a few minutes.

I’ve been to Housing Works countless times over the last few years. My favorite part of visiting Housing Works is that they are a non profit. The money they make goes to helping New Yorkers dealing with the double affliction of AIDS and homelessness. Even if I go in to just donate, I know that in the end, the money that someone else spends on the book or books that I donate will go to help someone in need.

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is located at 126 Crosby Street in New York City.

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