Throwback Thursday-On The Line (2001)

The overall narrative of the romantic comedy genre is fairly simple: boy and girl meet, boy and girl have feelings for one another, complications ensue and then finally the curtain closes on a happy ending. That being said, it is up the writer or writers to expand upon this very simple narrative. But that is where the line is drawn in the sand. A good romantic comedy should make audiences laugh and inspire them to believe in love. A bad romantic comedy will make them question if love is real or if it is fabricated for the big screen to make money.

In the 2001 film, On The Line, Kevin (Lance Bass) has just fallen in love with Abby (Emmanuelle Chriqui). He doesn’t know her name or anything about her. He has just randomly met her on the train. His best friend Rod (Joey Fatone) is eager to help Kevin find her. Will Kevin find Abby or is she just a mirage?

I will be frank. This movie is horrible. While I was and still am a huge NSYNC fan, the movie was nothing more a promotional tool for the band. The acting is meh and the plot is beyond predictable.

Do I recommend it? No.

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