Homefire Series 2 Review

War brings out either the best or the worst in us. It doesn’t matter if we are a solider on the battlefield or a mother trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in the chaos that is war.

Last night, the second and final series of Homefires premiered on PBS. In the fictional rural village of Great Paxford, the second series starts off not long after the first one ended. England has joined World War II. With a cast led by Samantha Bond and Francesca Annis, this show takes the traditional war story and completely turns it on it’s ear.

Normally, a story of war is told by the soldiers on the battlefield. It is not told by the wives, sisters, mothers and other female family members who are keeping the home fires burning. What I truly love and appreciate about this show is not only does it tell the story of war from the women’s point of view, but also this show is full of strong, vibrant, unique and complicated women who are not seen very often on television. Unfortunately ITV decided to axe the show after the second series. If you like this show as much as I do, there is a petition for a third season. We need more shows like Homefires that give that shine the light on complicated, interesting and fully human female characters.

I absolutely recommend it.

Homefires airs Sunday nights at 9PM on PBS.

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