A Shitty First Draft Is Better Than No Draft At All

I’ve been thinking about something.

Some of you may know that I am a freelance writer on top of my day job. Last night I finished the first draft of an article that is due by the end of the week.

It was not an easy first draft to write, mainly because other writers on this website had written about the same subject and I didn’t want to duplicate their ideas.

But I got it done, which is what matters.

One of my favorite books on writing is called Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott. It’s not so much of a technical book on writing as it is encouraging the writer to write. There is a chapter within this book called Shitty First Drafts.

That is the perfect way to explain the draft that I finished last night. It’s a shitty first draft. I am more than expecting that the editor will come back to me with changes that she would like to have made to the draft. But it’s done, which is what matters.

It’s a shitty first draft, which is better than no draft at all.

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