The Lovers Movie Review

Marriage, like anything worth fighting for, needs work. But what happens when the marriage goes south because neither spouse is willing to work to save the marriage?

In the new movie, The Lovers, Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracey Letts) are a married couple on the brink of divorce. Both Mary and Michael have settled into relationships outside of their marriage. Mary is seeing Robert (Aiden Gillen) and Michael is seeing Lucy (Melora Walters). Both Mary and Michael have promised their respective lovers that they speak to their spouse.

Then, out of nowhere the spark returns to Mary and Michael’s relationship and they are cheating on their lovers with each other. It soon becomes a game of how to see each other without arousing suspicion.

I really liked this movie. So much so, that it is my favorite movie of the year so far. It just feels real and the characters felt ordinary. Sometimes the best movies are not the ones where the characters experience something extraordinary, but movies about everyday people living ordinary lives. I also appreciate that both Michael and Mary are middle-aged, reflecting the reality that the possibility of romance does not end when we turn 25.

I absolutely recommend it.

The Lovers is presently in theaters.


Sinful Scottish Laird Book Review

A good romance is hinged on the potential coming together of the lead characters. Without that potential, the story is dead in the water and the reader is uninterested.

In the new book, the Sinful Scottish Laird, by Julia London, Daisy Bristol, Lady Chadwick is in a bit of a bind. A widow for nearly three years, her late husband’s will is explicit. If she does not re-marry within three years of her husband’s passing, her fortune and her son’s inheritance will be lost. Sought out by every bachelor and fortune hunter in London, she travels to her Highlands estate to wait for her first love to return to her so they can marry.

Cailean Mackenzie, the Laird of Arrandale was not looking for love when he met Daisy. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with the Englishwoman, at least at first. Daisy is in lust, but Cailean is in denial that he is equally attracted to her. Then Daisy’s first love appears and Cailean must bite the bullet and fight for a woman and a future he now realizes he needs.

I’m not usually a fan of this genre, but this book is enjoyable and appealing. I like that Daisy is a strong-minded woman who has been through enough in life to make her own decisions. I also like that Cailean is just stubborn enough to fight his own desires until he realizes that he is giving up his future if he does not act quickly.

I recommend it.

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