The London Bridge Attack

9/11 is the watershed moment of this era. After the murder of thousands of innocent souls, many of us hoped and prayed that this would be the last time that we would see such an unnecessary lost off life.

But hope often springs eternal.

Last night, there was an attack in London. 7 people are dead and another 48 are injured.

Enough is enough. The perpetrators of these attacks and those who support them, in word, deed and financial transactions need to be told once and for all their actions are unacceptable. They are welcome to practice whatever religion they choose to practice or hold to whatever cultural beliefs they have, but under are no circumstances are they allowed to destroy or take another’s life because that person is different.

We have too many divisions in this world that are tearing us apart. We all have one life to live and one planet to share. We can either let those divisions break up or help us to become better human beings. It’s up to us.

Tonight, I pray for the victims and their families. May G-d give them the strength to keep going and find a way, at some point in the future to smile again.

May the memory of those killed be a blessing to their loved ones and may those injured return home to their families.

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