You Do You-Why We Miss Carrie Fisher

For the most part, when someone famous dies the response is as follows: their death is reported in the media, there maybe some smatterings of memorials on social media and then they are remembered during in memoriam section during the next awards ceremony.

When Carrie Fisher passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the end of last year, it was a shock to the cultural system. As an actress, writer and mental health advocate, she has been a part of our cultural landscape since 1977.

I recently purchased the Vanity Fair 40th anniversary Star Wars editions.

The one section of the article that struck me was a conversation that she had with John Boyega in 2014 when the original trailer for The Force Awakens was released. The backlash of having not just a black storm trooper,but also a black leading man did not sit well with some fans. Fisher’s response to the backlash and Boyega’s reaction to the backlash was simple: “you do you”.

Out of everything that I remember her for, it is the fact that she was her authentic self, warts and all. While some of us present a certain image depending on whom we are with, Fisher was not afraid to be herself, even if that meant revealing her demons or her less than ideal past.

She encouraged her fans to be themselves and not be afraid to reveal their own dark sides.

While I will always adore her as Princess Leia, it is her fearlessness that will continue to inspire me and her fans around the world.

RIP Carrie. Gone, but never, ever forgotten.


Flashback Friday-Valentine (2008)

Human beings have had a fascination with our immortal creators since the beginning of time. For better or for worse, this has created some rather interesting narratives.

In the 2008 short-lived series, Valentine, the ancient Greek g-ds are becoming anxious about the state of romantic love in our modern era. The head of the family, Grace Valentine aka Aphrodite (Jaime Murray) recruits a romance novelist, Kate Providence (Christine Lakin) to ensure that true love still exists and soul mates are brought together.

Some television series are fated to not last. Valentine is one of those shows. It was cute, but cute does not much when it comes to the potential success of a television series.

Do I recommend it? No.

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