‘Round Midnight Book Review

Life is sometimes full of coincidences. The stranger on the street could be just that or they could be closer to us than we think.

Author Laura McBride’s new book, ‘Round Midnight, was published earlier this year. It tells the story of four women are who are linked in unexpected ways.

Originally from the New York City area, June left her Jewish family and her Jewish first husband behind for the glitz and glamour of the Vegas strip. She owns the El Capitan night club with her second husband. It’s 1960 and June is in love with one of the African-American singers who regularly performs at the club.

Honorata left the Philippines as a mail order bride. Her groom to be is not exactly prince charming. When she wins a very healthy jackpot, she decides that she no longer needs to marry. But her past and her decision to walk away from the marriage will come back to her.

Engracia is Mexican immigrant who smuggled herself over the border with her son. She makes ends meet as a cleaning woman. While working for Honorota, she becomes more than just the cleaning woman when a gunman forces himself into Honorota’s home.

Coral has always known that she is both adopted and bi-racial. Despite the fact that her adopted mother and siblings treat her as if they were of the same flesh and blood, the question of Coral’s birth parents are never far from her mind.

This book is amazing. Ms. McBride is able to skilfully intertwine not just the multiple narratives, but multiple time periods in a novel that is thoroughly engrossing and entertaining.

I absolutely recommend it.

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