Menashe Movie Review

Single parenthood is never easy. It can be made especially harder when your own community is forcing you to re-marry.

In the new release, Menashe, Menashe (Menashe Lustig) is a widower and a member of New York City’s Hasidic (ultra-orthodox) Jewish community. After the recent death of his wife, his son was sent to live with his in-laws. Working at a grocery store, Menashe is told that he can only raise his son after he re-marries. The problem is that he has no interest in re-marrying. He needs to prove that he can raise his son without re-marrying.

Directed by Joshua Z. Weinstein, the film is set in Brooklyn. Containing English subtitles (with a rare exception, most of the characters speak entirely in Yiddish), the film is both charming and universal. While it is set in a very specific community, it is universal because speaks not only of the ups and downs of single parenthood, but also of the value of faith.

I absolutely recommend it.

Menashe is presently in theaters.


Todrick Hall-New 90’s Music Video

You know you have reached a certain stage in your life when you say something like “kids today” or “when I was your age…”.

This week, I was reminded that I can say that now.

There is something about certain songs from when we are young that always take us back to that place in our lives. Todrick Hall’s new video of 1990’s music me back. Now I can say “when I was your age, this was music”.

Thanks for making me feel old and taking me back ;).

I can’t think of a better way to slide into the weekend.

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