Meeting Hate With Love

Jagmeet Singh is a politician from Ontario, Canada. His parents originally emigrated from India, he is a first generation Canadian.

Recent Mr. Singh was verbally attacked at an event by a Caucasian woman. Believing him to be Muslim, the woman accused him of spreading Sharia. His response was anything but expected.

The thing that strikes me about this interaction is that it proves we do not have to meet hate with more hate. If someone wants to hate us because we are different, let them. We can only meet them with love and hope that one day, they will do the same to us.


The Last Day-Thoughts On The 16th Anniversary Of 9/11

Life, as we know, it to be is precarious. We never know when we will meet our maker.

I work very close to where the Twin Towers once stood. As I got up this morning and prepared for the day, I couldn’t help but think of the nearly 3000 people who woke up on September 11th, 2001, not knowing that it was to be their last day on Earth.

As I got off the train, my eyes could not help but look upward and remember what was there 16 years ago and how the world will never be the same. Even though it has been more than a dozen years, the grief and the pain will never truly fade.

May the memories of those killed, both on 9/11 and during the recovery in the days after be a blessing to those who knew them and loved them, and to all of us. Z”l

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