What Happened Book Review

There is an old saying: when mortals plan, G-d laughs.

Last November, Hillary Clinton seemed to be a shoe-in to win the 2016 Presidential Election. She was running against Donald Trump, a snake-oil, used car salesman billionaire reality show star whose large ego was only matched by his extreme lack of political experience.  Instead of becoming the first female President in American history, she lost the election.

In her new memoir, What Happened, Mrs. Clinton takes a deep dive into the election, examining the players involved, the mistakes she made and how things might have gone differently had she won the election.

What I truly appreciated about this book is how candid and open Mrs. Clinton is. There is nothing robotic or stiff about this memoir. While it was clearly painful to lose the election, I feel like this book is cathartic for both the writer and the reader. Especially if the reader is a Democrat and a Clinton supporter who is counting down the days until the either Trump is impeached or loses the 2020 election.

I recommend it.

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