Flashback Friday-2012 (2009)

End of the world movies are nothing new. While these movies are known for their special effects, it is the narrative and character development that makes or breaks films that fall within this genre.

In the 2009 movie, 2012, Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) must not only deal with the turmoil in his family, he must also deal with the fact that earth will no longer be inhabitable. While there are arks to save humanity, the arks cannot hold everyone. If nothing else, Jackson wants to rebuild his marriage with Kate (Amanda Peet) and make sure that their family survives. The question is will both happen or will they join the millions whose lives will be potentially lost?

As end of the world movies go, this one is not bad. What makes it stand out for me, is that as much as it is about the world ending, it is about a man trying to hold onto his family and his marriage. For that reason, this film rises above the standard end of the world film.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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