The Weight Of Ink Book Review

Human beings are human beings are human beings. Regardless of the era we live or the labels that define us, human nature is constant.

The novel, The Weight Of Ink, by Rachel Kadish, takes place in London in two different time periods: the late 17th century and modern times.

In a home originally built centuries ago, previously undiscovered manuscripts written by the Jewish scribe mysteriously known as Aleph are found. Helen Watts, a respected historian who specializes in Jewish history is called to examine the documents. Joining her is Aaron Levy, an American grad student who does not always see eye to eye with Helen.

In the 1660’s, Ester Velasquez is an orphaned young woman who is taken in by a Rabbi. He is blind and needs someone to write and read his correspondence.¬† ¬†Though it goes against tradition and custom, Ester becomes the Rabbi’s scribe. Neither Ester or the Rabbi know that they are in a race against time as the plague is about to take the lives of many of those who call London home.

The premise of the book sounded promising, as did the opening chapters. However, I found the narrative to be tedious at points. While I did finish the book, I was not quite sure how the story ended.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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