Just Another Lying Politician

When you know who started his Presidential campaign, he promised he would be different. He would “drain the swamp”, get rid of the lobbyists and Wall Street, etc. He would be a man of the people, not a puppet of the elite and wealthy.

Do you remember when he proclaimed that he proclaimed that he was able to made a deal to save the jobs at the Carrier factory in Indiana?

Those jobs are gone. The factory is moving to Mexico and hundreds of hard working Americans who simply want to earn an honest paycheck are out of work.

Instead making promises to clean house, you know who has become just another lying politician.

Same sh*t, different day.


We Must Not Allow CHIP To Disappear

When I was growing up, I was lucky that both of my parents had full-time jobs that provided health insurance. If I needed to go to the doctor, there was never any question that I could see one.

Many children in America today are not so lucky. The CHIP program provides health insurance for millions of children whose parents make too much money to quality for traditional government healthcare, but either cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for health insurance or cannot get insurance through their employers.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the program is on its last legs.

What makes me angry is that there are people in Washington D.C. who are willing to throw the health and the lives away of millions of American children in the name of something that is unnecessary and a waste of tax dollars (i.e. the border wall with Mexico). These kids are our future. By letting CHIP go by the wayside, we are sacrificing these health and future of these children. One of these kids could one day cure cancer, fly to Jupiter, maybe even become President Of The United States.

But we will never know what they will be capable of accomplishing as adults if we do not make their health a priority when they are children.

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