Thoughts On Today’s Women’s March

Americans have become accustomed to our democracy. It is ingrained in every detail of our lives. We have also become complacent, forgetting that democracy must be fought for.

Today I marched in the New York City Women’s March.

Thousands upon thousands of people, marched for the future of our country and our democracy. As with last year’s march, it was a rallying cry not just for women’s rights, but for the rights of immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, people of color etc. We need to remind those in power that we, the voting public are their employers, not the other way around. Through our votes, we tell them when they are hired and when they are fired. Unfortunately, some of those in power have forgotten whom they are beholden to when it comes to their employment.

I hope that today’s march was a reminder of who controls the keys to the kingdom. And if they have forgotten, perhaps the midterm elections later in the year will remind them.



Cruel Intentions The Musical Review

Two thoughts come to mind when it is announced that a musical based on a story that is not a musical will soon be on stage. One thought is that the producers have chosen a known work with a dedicated fan base, who can spread the word and reduce the work of the publicity department. The other thought is that the producers took the easy way out, choosing a known work instead of taking a chance on a work by a writer whose name is not as well-known.

I saw Cruel Intentions: The Musical earlier today. As with the 1999 film of the same name, the story is set in New York City. Sebastian Valmont (Constantine Rousouli, taking over from Ryan Phillipe) and Kathryn Merteuil (Lauren Zarkin, taking over from Sarah Michelle Gellar) are rich step-siblings. They make a bet that Sebastian can seduce Annette Hargrove (Carrie St. Louis, taking over from Reese Witherspoon), the virgin daughter of their school’s new headmaster. If Sebastian wins, he gets to sleep with Kathryn, the one girl who is out of his reach. If Kathryn wins, she can claim ownership of Sebastian’s car, his pride and joy.  It seems like a simple task, but by the time the game of seduction and lies is over, nothing will be the same.

Based on the book Dangerous Liaisons, the show is a ton of fun and extremely enjoyable. True to the film incarnation, with a singable soundtrack straight out of the 1990s, the show is one of the best I have seen in a very long time.

I absolutely recommend it.

Cruel Intentions is playing at (Le) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street, New York City) until March 16th, 2018. 



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