Thoughts On The Government Shutdown

As of this evening, the government shutdown is over.

A bill has been signed to keep the government open for a few more weeks.

Is it me or did this spectacle feel like it was more akin to feuding siblings pointing fingers at each other, trying to blame the other for the broken toy rather than adult lawmakers trying to run a country?

As anyone who has ever been in an argument will tell you, pointing fingers never works. Unfortunately, that is all the members of the House and Senate seem to have been doing for three days.

Also, did anyone else notice that while government workers (including members of our military) were not paid for the last three days, the members of the House and Senate were?

I could go on, but I will let the ladies of The View take it from here:


Did anyone else see the videos on their social media pages of you know who saying that during the last government shutdown in 2013, that the President should take the blame? Not only he is a snake oil, used car salesman, but he is also a hypocrite. He refused to owe up to his part in the government shutdown, but yet in 2013, he said then President Obama, because he was President, needed to step up.

I think I would define that as the pot calling the kettle black….



Thoughts On The 10 Year Anniversary Of Heath Ledger’s Passing

There is an old Jewish blessing:

“May you live until 120”

Unfortunately, some of us will not even get close to our golden years. 10 years ago today, Heath Ledger, one of the brightest young stars in Hollywood died of a drug overdose. He was 28 years old.

When I think of Heath Ledger, I think of an actor who could have easily let himself be typecast. But he fought against that type casting. The result of that fight is a brief career full of roles that are contradictory in every shape and form.  Unfortunately, like so many, he lost his life due to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, ending what was the only the beginning of a life long career.

Wherever you are sir, RIP. You will not be forgotten anytime soon.


Thoughts On The Roe V. Wade Anniversary

Throughout most of history, abortion has been unsafe and illegal, if not also considered to be immoral.

45 years ago today, history changed. Roe V. Wade ratified into law, making abortions not just legal, but allowing them to be done in a way that does not cause long-term harm to the women who were seeking abortions.

Then, as now, Roe V. Wade is a victory. It is a victory over the idea that women do not have complete autonomy over their bodies and their fate. Unfortunately, there are far too many who want to pull us back to the dark ages where abortion was unsafe and illegal.

While I understand freedom of speech and religion, no government has the right to tell its female citizens how to live. Nor can it restrict vital health services, especially to women who do not have the financial luxury of seeing a doctor regularly.

What it essentially boils down to is control over women. For eons upon eons, we have been silent, because we had no voice. Now we have a voice and we will use it.

I will end this post with a question to the male lawmakers who would gleefully overturn Roe V. Wade: If your teenage daughter found out that she was pregnant, why would you deny her the right to an abortion, knowing her age and that her life would forever changed by this pregnancy? If your sister was pregnant and the doctors determined that if the pregnancy went through full term, it would possibly kill your sister, would you still deny her the right to an abortion? Or would you let her possibly die on a principle?

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