Thoughts On The 33rd Anniversary Of Thundercats

On January 23rd, 1985, Thundercats hit the small screen.

The cartoon told the story of a species of human/cat creatures called Thundercats.  While their planet was destroyed, a small band of survivors, led by Lion-O were able to get escape. They now live on a planet called Third Earth and continue to battle the forces of Mumm-Ra, who is forever looking for a way to get his hands on the Eye of Thundera, the source of power for the Thundercats.

What I remember about this show is not only was it well done (for a children’s cartoon at least), but it had a diverse array of characters.

And yes, someone decided a few years ago that Thundercats needed a reboot. Personally I think that the my generation’s Thundercats was and still a good program, but to each generation, their own.


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