New Randy Rainbow Video-Randy Rainbow Interviews Betsy DeVos!

Logically, it would make sense that the person chosen for the position of Education Secretary has professional experience as an educator in some capacity. That would make sense, but there seems to be a lack of sense coming out of Washington D.C. these days.

On Friday, Randy Rainbow released his newest video highlighting once again that Betsy DeVos is completely unqualified for her position.

While it is not his traditional musical number, the biting satire that has become one of his trademarks happily remains.

I know it’s been said before, but our children are our future. Without a basic education, they will not be able to succeed as adults. The problem is that the woman who is leading America’s educational system may screw up our kid’s future before it has even begun.



Thoughts On The Passing Of Stephen Hawking

We all face obstacles in our lives. The question is, do we find a way around the obstacle or do we let that stop us?

Stephen Hawking passed away last week. He was known for two things: his knowledge of physics and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (also known as ALS).

He was a stricken by the disease in his 20’s, just as his academic career was heating up.

It would have been understandable at the time if he had given up when presented with the diagnosis. His doctors only gave him a few years to live. But remarkably, he found a way not only to live, but to live to his full potential.

If I take one thing away from his life and experience, I take away the courage to move forward, even when it feels impossible to move forward.

Stephen Hawking was 78. May his memory be a blessing.

How Democracies Die Book Review

A thriving democracy is like a relationship. It requires nurturing, compromise and commitment if it is to last.

History has proven again and again that unless the average citizen is willing to step up to maintain the democracy, it is likely to transform into an autocratic or an authoritarian government.

In the 2018 book, How Democracies Die,  authors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt use both historical examples and examples from modern politics to illustrate how very fragile democracy truly is.

It is often said that history is doomed to repeat itself, unless human beings find a way to learn from the mistakes of their forebears. Written in layman’s terms, the authors use well researched facts and  data from past democracies and our own American democracy to lay out in black and white terms how important it is to work to keep a democracy going.

I recommend it.

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