The Best Show On Television Your Not Watching: American Dynasties: The Kennedys

If America had an official royal family, the Kennedy family would be it.

They have it all: glamour, class, fame, beauty, power, tragedy, etc.

For the last two weeks, CNN has aired parts one and two of a miniseries entitled¬†American Dynasties: The Kennedys. It started with Joseph Kennedy, the family patriarch named as ambassador to the Court of St. James in the late 1930’s.

Narrated by Martin Sheen, the series contains intimate family home movies, interviews with journalists, historians, family members and those who are/were close to the Kennedy family.

I am thoroughly enjoying this series. It humanizes a family that many Americans put on a pedestal and allows the audience to see the subjects as fully formed human beings, instead of references in a history book.

I recommend it.

American Dynasties: The Kennedys airs Sunday nights at 9:00 on CNN. 


Bosie Tea Parlor

There is nothing like a classic English tea. Tea, tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jelly, etc.

In New York City, there are quite a few tea parlors. But my favorite is Boise Tea Parlor.

Located in the Village, Bosie Tea Parlor is physically a small space, but the menu makes up for the limited space. The tea menu is extensive and lovely. The food menu is perfect for anything from a simple tea break with scones to a full meal.

If you do go, and you only get only one thing, I recommend the macarons. I don’t usually have desert with my meals, but for macarons from Bosie Tea Parlor, I make an exception.

I recommend it.

Bosie Tea Parlor is located at 10 Morton Street in New York City. 

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