Thoughts On The Eric Schneiderman Scandal

New Yorkers are used to political scandals. It’s almost become a continuous headline in the morning papers when it is revealed that someone in politics is stepping down because of something they did that was not on the up and up.

Most, if not all of the accused are White and male. The newest name added to this dishonorable list is Eric Schneiderman, who stepped down today from his post of Attorney General of New York State. He is accused of domestic abuse and sexual assault by four women who he was romantically involved with in the past.

What makes me sick is that he claimed in the past to be a champion for women’s rights and used that platform while he was running for office. While he was talking about progress towards equality between the sexes in public, in private, he was just like any other man who abuses his significant other.

What we need (and I hope the right people in Albany are listening) is a woman in this position. A woman of color who has the qualifications and the experience to be New York’s top lawyer would be even better.

Unfortunately, with the resignation, there is one less person who is working toward getting you know who out of office.

The only light in this darkness is that it continues to send a message that domestic abuse and sexual assault and wrong and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



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