Thoughts On Israel’s 70th Birthday And The Opening Of The US Embassy In Jerusalem


Today is the 70th birthday of the modern state of Israel. It was also the unveiling of the new US embassy in Jerusalem.

I love Israel. It is a beautiful country with warm, giving people and some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.

But even with that, I have concerns the new embassy. Not about the embassy, it should be in the Jerusalem. It is after all the Israeli capital city. In most countries, foreign embassies are usually found in the capital city.

I have a feeling that you  know who made the decision not because it is the right thing to do, but to appeal to his base. Many in his base (i.e. the right-wing Evangelicals) believe that the modern rebirth of Israel is the start of a new era that ends with all non-believers and non-converts dying and not going to heaven.

And of course, the day would be incomplete without violence from the world’s best crybabies, but I prefer not to focus on them today.

Either way, the fact that Israel is 70 is an amazing feat. Happy 70th birthday Israel!




Little Women Miniseries Review

For many young bookworms (especially if they are female), Little Women is one of the literary gateway drugs to other classic novels.

Last night, the first episode of the new miniseries aired on PBS.

Stepping into the shoes of the immortal March sisters is Willa Fitzgerald (Meg), Maya Hawke (Jo), Annes Elwy (Beth) and Kathryn Newton (Amy). Emily Watson plays Marmee and Jonah Hauer-King plays Laurie, Jo’s bestie/the boy next door.

I have mixed feelings about the first episode. Written by Heidi Thomas (best known as creator and show runner of Call The Midwife) was tasked with quite a challenge: condense the narrative as it is in the novel into a miniseries. While she hit all of the right narrative notes (including not making the story too sweet and allowing all four of the March sisters to share the spotlight), I just felt like something was missing. While I completely understand this is a miniseries and not a feature-length film (but then again, not all film adaptations of beloved books adhere 100% to the narrative in the source material), I just feel like something is missing.

Do I recommend it? Possibly yes.

Episodes two and three consecutively on May 20th at 8pm EST on PBS. 


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