Visitors To Versailles (1682-1789) Review

At it’s heyday, the Palace of Versailles was one of the most beautiful and well-known palaces in all of Europe.

Visitors To Versailles (1682-1789) is a featured exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Containing images, miniatures, clothing and other artifacts, the exhibit brings Versailles to life in a way that only someone who have seen it through their own eyes could have experienced.


I found the exhibit to very interesting because while Versailles is historically known for being over the top in its extravagance and wealth, that wealth and extravagance might be hard to imagine by someone living in 2018. Especially if one has not had the opportunity to visit Versailles in person.

Not only do I recommend the exhibit, but I also recommend that the visitor takes advantage of headset provided. The visitor hears not only the oral testimonies, but is treated to a 360 sound experience that brings Versailles as it was then to life.

Visitors To Versailles (1682-1789) will be at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art until July 29th. Check the website for directions, hours and ticket prices. 


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  1. Wonderful palace to visit, but not nearly enough time to see it all in the typical guided tour.

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