Thoughts On The Colorado Baker Case

The line between freedom of speech/freedom of religion and discrimination is sometimes as thin as the wire used for a high wire act in the circus.

This morning, the Supreme Court made it’s ruling in regards to the case regarding Jack Phillips, a baker from Colorado who refused to create a wedding cake for a couple six years ago because they were gay. Mr. Phillips claimed that his Christian faith was the reason for not baking the cake.

The ruling was in favor of Mr. Phillips.

I have mixed feelings about the ruling. Mr. Phillips is entitled to his beliefs. He also, as a business owner, has the right to not serve customers whom he does not wish to.

However, this case could also be seen as  clear cut case of discrimination. Comedian and writer Seth McFarlane compared Mr. Phillip’s decision to a restaurant that will not serve African-American customers. The correlation is not too far off.

I wish I had a solution to this issue that would make everyone happy. Unfortunately, there is none. I can only hope that decency and humanity will win out over prejudice and racism




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