Throwback Thursday-Beauty and the Geek (2005-2008)

It is obvious to many reality television viewers that producers more often than not rely on archetypes or stereotypes when casting.

A perfect example of this type of casting is the reality show Beauty and the Geek (2005-2008). The premise of the show was to bring two distinct groups together: women who were known for the looks and not their brains and men who were known for their brains and not their looks. Each “beauty” and “geek” are paired together to help their partner out on areas where the other is lacking. The “beauty” would help her partner in the social arena and the “geek” would help his partner in the academic arena. Each week, a couple is eliminated until one remains and wins the competition.

The premise was certainly interesting and I certainly appreciated the social experiment aspect of the program. However, at the end of the day, it is just another mindless reality show.

Do I recommend it? Not really.


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2 responses to “Throwback Thursday-Beauty and the Geek (2005-2008)

  1. I really dislike those type of reality shows.

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