Three Identical Strangers Movie Review

The question of nurture or nature has haunted humanity since the begging of our species. Are we simply the product of our environment or do our genes control our actions and our choices?

The new documentary, Three Identical Strangers, starts in 1980. Robert Shafran is starting his freshman year of college. As he is moving into the dorms, he is greeted classmates who are referring to him as Eddy. Robert knows that he was adopted, but he knew nothing else of his birth family.  This strange encounter leads to a twin brother, Eddy Galland. Neither Robert or Eddy knew that each other existed. The press gets a hold of this story and a third brother comes forward, David Kellman.

While the brothers are bonding and becoming media sensations, there are unanswered questions about the past.  Why were they separated? Why were the adopted parents not told about the other two boys? Who is behind the separation and could they have had less than honorable reasons for hiding the truth?

As documentaries go, this is top ten, if not one of the top five documentaries of the year. It’s the type of story that is almost too good to be true.  What makes this documentary compelling, at least from my perspective, is the unseen dark forces that shaped the lives of these men well before they knew that they had the ability to make choices.

I absolutely recommend it.

Three Identical Strangers is currently in theaters. 

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