Thoughts On Jennifer Aniston NOT Being A Mom

Having children, for many adults, is one of the greatest joys of their lives. It is also the greatest challenge of their lives.

In the upcoming September issue of InStyle, Jennifer Aniston addresses a number of issues regarding her personal life. One of the issues is that she does not have any children.

Since nearly the beginning of humanity, women have been told over and over again that they have one job: to bring a child into the world and raise it until the child reaches adulthood.

Some women, for any number of reasons, are not mothers. Some do not want children, others may have a physical or psychological condition that would only be complicated by pregnancy.

Of course, there are nay sayers who come back with the usual responses: “you just have not met the right person” or “wait till you get to a certain age, you will regret not having children”.

Frankly it’s no one business whether or not Jennifer Aniston or any woman has or doesn’t have children. She is an actress who is one of the lucky few to sustain a decades long career in Hollywood. Where she has succeeded, many have failed.

While the lives of the rich and famous have always been compelling to the masses, I find this spotlight to be ridiculous and a waste of time. There are so many issues that Americans are facing these days, the fact that Jennifer Aniston is not someone’s mother should not be and is not headline worthy news.




Thoughts On The 3D Gun Debate

One would have to live under a rock these days to not at least catch a soundbite or two about the debate in regards to guns and gun violence in America.

According to a CNN poll taken earlier this year, American citizens are not only more likely to own a firearm, but to die from gun violence than their compatriots living in other countries.

The latest twist on this debate is the introduction of 3D guns to the market and the federal judge who last night granted a temporary restraining order against publishing the instructions online of how to create the guns.


Cody Wilson, the gentlemen who was temporarily barred from the publishing only hours before they were supposed to go online, has claimed that his First Amendment/freedom of speech rights have been violated by the ruling.

While I am all for freedom of speech, the fact is that Mr. Wilson is creating 3D firearms that are undetectable by metal detectors, making them even more lethal that traditional weapons that are made of metal and detectable by metal detectors. In addition, these firearms can also be made cheaper and easier than traditional firearms, allowing those with ill intentions to bypass state and federal laws when it comes to who can buy a gun and when they can buy it.

From my perspective, this is just another reason why we need sensible gun control laws in this country. I believe that is possible to respect theĀ  2nd amendment while crafting gun laws that keep Americans safe. It is just a matter coming together and doing what is right for the country instead of doing what is right for the party.

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