Thoughts On The New Israeli Law

The essence of a democracy is that all citizens regardless of creed, color, religion, family background, etc, are all equal.

In Israel, a new law was enacted that defines the country as “the Jewish nation-state”.¬† Normally, I support Israel and Israeli politics. But I cannot in good conscience, support this law.

While it is true that Israel is a Jewish nation and has been for thousands of years, there are other citizens who are not Jewish. They have every right to feel threatened by this law. It’s akin to removing the clause in the Constitution that creates a literal wall between religion and politics in America and stating that America is a Christian nation. Therefore, anyone who does not identify as a Christian does not deserve the same rights and privileges as those of the Christian faith.

One of the hallmarks of Israel, compared to the rest of the countries in the Middle East, is that it is a true democracy. Jews, Arabs, Christians, Atheists, etc, are all equal under the law. Women and members of the LGBTQ community are completely enfranchised. In their attempt to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israel, Israeli lawmakers are unwittingly played right into the hands of those who accuse Israel of racism and discrimination.

Israel is a beautiful country with loving people, exquisite scenery and some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. I hope that in spite of this law, it will remain so.



Lebron Put His Money And His Fame Where His Mouth Is. You Know Who Doesn’t Get It.

One of the perks of celebrity and the income that typically comes with celebrity is the ability to assist those who are less fortunate.

Instead of using his money and his fame for personal gain, basketball star Lebron James gave back to his community. His foundation is supporting a public school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio for at risk third and fourth graders. In addition to supporting the students via free bikes, free meals and free college tuition, the school is also supporting the parents of the students via GED courses and job placement.

The normal reaction from most politicians would be to be grateful to Mr. James. But you know who insulted him.

The fact is that Lebron James stepped in because you know who and his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, don’t give a flying f*ck about children of color who live in low-income communities in this country. If they did, they would do everything in their power to ensure that these students receive a quality education. But because they don’t, these children will continue to receive a poor education and perpetuate the cycle of poverty that is the unfortunate standard for the community.

It says something about the current state of this country that Lebron James can use his status for good and instead of being inspired by the act of giving back to one’s community, you know who mocks him.

Unless we do something about you know who, I fear for the future of this country.


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