The Hypocrisy Of Stephen Miller

Most, if not all Americans can trace their lineage to at least one family member, who at one point in history, left their homeland for a new life in the United States.

This list of Americans includes Stephen Miller, who is an adviser to you know who. His family left Belarus in the early 20th century, escaping from poverty, violence and discrimination.

The irony and hypocrisy of Stephen Miller is that while he is a direct descendant of Jewish immigrants who left their homes for a better life in America a century ago, he is preventing new Americans from completing the same journey. Not only is he vehemently against immigrants who are undocumented, he is also vehemently against those who are documented and have followed the legal process to become citizens.

America is supposed to be like a salad bowl, where citizens of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds can live and thrive together. If Mr. Miller and those who thought like him had their way, this particular salad bowl would be rather dull and colorless.

Mr. Miller is a shande to both the American Jewish community and to the overall country at large. I am sorry to call him both an American and a member of the Jewish people.


Everyone Gets Sick, Even Pink

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the celebrities are human beings first and foremost. They may not have the lives, careers or incomes of the average person, but they are human beings, like the rest of us.

Last week, Pink had to postpone her concert in Sydney, Australia due to an illness. The paparazzi claimed that she was relaxing when she was supposed to be performing.

Anyone who has ever seen a Pink concert will tell you that this woman does not just simply stand in front of a microphone and sing for two hours.  Not only does she sing and dance during her shows, but she does aerial stunts that would put a circus performer to shame.

We all get sick and have to take off from work or school to rest when we do get sick. Unfortunately, most of us are not world-famous performers who have headlined sold out concerts across the globe. I’ve been a fan since Can’t Take Me Home was released back in 2000 and i’ve seen her in concert multiple times. She gives her audience 150% every moment that she is on stage. To imply that Pink is bilking her Australian fans by feigning illness so she can chill on the beach is more than wrong. It is disgusting and deceptive.

May she have a speedy recovery so that she can do what she does best; perform for her Australian fans who love and her support her as much as her American fans do.




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