The It Girls: A Novel Book Review

For many, the relationship with their sibling, especially the relationship between two sisters can be both tenuous and loving simultaneously.

The relationship between sisters Elinor and Lucy Sutherland is detailed in the 2017 novel, The It Girls: A Novel. Written by Karen Harper, the girls grew into women whose lives remained parallel while going in different directions. As an adult, Elinor wrote a series of novels under her married named, Elinor Glyn. Even though her books were popular, they also were scandalous for the era. Lucy became one of the hottest fashion designers of her era while maintaining her status as noblewoman under her married name, Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon.

But while Lucy and Elinor have professional success that few women of their era would have, they also dealt with personal trauma. While Elinor’s books were full of passion and romance, her art did not imitate her real life. As Lucy climbs the professional ladder, her personal life is left behind.

I really enjoyed this book. Not only because I am anglophile and a history nerd, but because this book is well written and entertaining. As a writer myself, I appreciated Ms. Harper balancing the historical facts about her characters with novel that does not feel like a bland rehashing of the lives of her subjects. I also appreciated the relationship between the sisters that never wavered, even when they were apart.

I recommend it.

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