Flashback Friday-What Not To Wear (2003-2013)

It has been said that clothes make the man or the woman.

One of the more interesting sub-genres of reality television is the makeover show. For ten years, TLC dominated this particular sub-genre with What Not To Wear (2003-2013).

The premise of the show is as follows: someone is nominated for show by a loved one who believes that they need a makeover. Hosts/Stylists Stacy London (seasons 1-10), Wayne Scot Lukas (season 1) and Clinton Kelly (seasons 2-10), intervene with the person (usually a woman) nominated. By the time the episode is over, the person nominated has been made over and is re-introduced to their loved ones with their new look.

In terms of overall genre of reality television, this show is an interesting one. It it is not as vicious or vacuous as other reality shows. The intent of the show is a good thing, helping the nominated person to feel good about themselves or overcome something from their past via a makeover. The issue with this show is that I can only watch so many episodes before it turns into just another mindless reality television program.

Do I recommend it? I’m leaning toward yes.

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