When Women Win: EMILY’s List and the Rise of Women in American Politics Book Review

To have a voice in politics is the right and privilege of every American citizen. But, the reality is that many Americans have had to fight and continue to fight to have a voice in politics.

EMILY’s List is a resource for pro-democratic women who are seeking to better our country by running for political office. Started in 1985 by Ellen R. Malcolm, the advocacy group continues to fight for the rights that American women have had for nearly 100 years.

Ms. Malcolm has co-authored a book with Craig Unger about her experiences of being a women in American politics in the 2016 book, When Women Win: EMILY’s List and the Rise of Women in American Politics.

When EMILY’s List was started in 1985, there was an obvious lack of women who were either in elected office or running for elected office. The book details not only how Ms. Malcolm not only started EMILY’s List and built up momentum for women in political office, but how the organization has been able to keep up the momentum for thirty years.

This book is amazing.it is not just the history of women in politics in modern America, but it is also an inspiration/blueprint for any American woman who sees higher office as an opportunity to make America a better place.

I recommend it.


Operation Finale Movie Review

The Holocaust is one of the most well-known massacre in modern human history. Ten million innocent people were murdered, six million of them were Jewish.

Adolph Eichmann is known as the architect of The Holocaust. After World War II, he escaped to Argentina, where he lived under a new identity. That is, until 1960, when Mossad agents located him, captured him and brought him back to Israel to stand trial for his crimes.

The location and capture of Eichmann is told in the new movie, Operation Finale. Adolph Eichmann (Ben Kingsley) has been living in Buenos Aires under the name of Ricardo Clemente. When the Israeli authorities are given this information, a task force of top Mossad agents are given the job of catching Eichmann and transporting him to Israel for trial. The team includes Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) and Hanna Elian (Melanie Laurent).

Once the team is able to capture Eichmann, they have to hold him until they can fly out of Argentina. Capturing him was the easy part, getting to the airport and flying out without being held up or discovered is the hard part.

This movie is amazing and should be seen by as many people as possible. It should be seen not just because it is relevant in 2018, but because it is a historical thriller done right. The psychological tension, especially between Peter and Eichmann is so tight that it forces the audience to really think about how thin the line between good and evil truly is.

Not only do I recommend it, but I have a feeling that this movie will do very well come award season.

Operation Finale is presently in theaters. 

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